Individuals and Merchants Can Now Fly Goods on ISS


Goods Flown on ISS with Alpha Space can now be Sold Upon Return to Earth

Houston, TX:  Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance has signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA that allows Alpha Space to fly items to space for individuals and companies on a commercial basis. Anyone can now purchase flights to the International Space Station through Alpha Space for personal mementos and goods for sale upon return to Earth.  “This really opens up the space economy, and our MISSE facility is a perfect fit for this new capability”, stated Mark Gittleman, Alpha Space’s CEO.  “MISSE carriers are the perfect size for small personal items, and we have round-trip flights to the ISS about every six months.”

This agreement is the first of its kind to be signed by NASA.  Prior to this unique Space Act Agreement, flights to the ISS were strictly limited to scientific, educational, or NASA-related purposes.  That policy changed with the recently released NASA Interim Directive “Use of ISS for Commercial and Marketing Activities”.  According to Gittleman, “The new NASA directive enables Alpha Space to conduct reasonably-priced commercial activities on the ISS.  This is a huge step forward for the fledgling commercial space economy because it engages a broad consumer base for space-related items.”  The first launch of a MISSE carrier with personal and consumer goods is slated for October 2020.  Commercial partner announcements are planned for early 2020.  Individuals interested in flying personal mementos should contact Alpha Space.

About Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance, LLC:  Alpha Space is an ISS National Laboratory Implementation Partner working through agreements with NASA and the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory.  Alpha Space owns the MISSE facility, which is permanently installed on the exterior of ISS and houses up to twelve carriers for conducting orbital research and development as well as for flying personal mementos and consumer goods.  Customers include companies producing satellites and satellite components, U.S. federal agencies including NASA, universities, small companies, merchants, and private individuals who want to fly personal items in space.

The MISSE facility on ISS with carriers and support boxes installed.
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