Materials International Space Station Experiment Flight Facility

Send Your Payload to the International Space Station for Accelerated and Accurate Testing Results

Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) Flight Facility gives researchers unprecedented insight to experiments that benefit space programs and on-earth applications alike. These benefits include technological advancements to improve our nation's defense and enhance our standard of living.

MISSE is fixed to the exterior of the ISS where experiments endure extreme levels of solar- and charged-particle radiation, atomic oxygen, hard vacuum, and temperature extremes with little-to-no contamination.  MISSE yields accelerated and accurate testing results for experiments varying from space suits and flight hardware to car paint and electronics. 

Whether you are NASA, a commercial company or an individual, Alpha Space has space for you. And you only need to work with Alpha Space in order to launch. Through our privately-owned MISSE Facility, you can send your payload to the ISS and evaluate the performance, stability, and long-term survivability of materials and components.

Unparalleled Pure Science Testing

MISSE serves as a test bed for the exposure of materials and devices to the space environment

  • Alpha Space is the only company in the world to offer pure material science testing
  • Minimal, if any, contamination
  • Can test multiple real environments at one time as opposed to two environments in a lab simulation on earth
  • Achieve accelerated results
  • Receive data in near real time

MISSE Offers Many Advantages Over Previous MISSEs

  • The new modular design allows individual experiments to be added or replaced at different times.
  • Active sensors monitor the environment to improve understanding of environmental effects
  • Integrated high resolution cameras and a system that collects data allow investigators to observe the progress of their experiments.

Unprecedented Access to Space

If it fits, it flies. Alpha Space offers space for everyone.

Access to space testing is no longer limited to only NASA scientists. Corporations, entrepreneurs, and private business owners who see a business opportunity can now access testing for their products.

You choose your preferred testing location on MISSE

Alpha Space is the only company that will return your experiment back to you and you have the ability to pick location of testing on MISSE .

Affordable Materials Testing in Space

Testing in space is not just for NASA. Many industries can benefit from testing at the ISS.

A variety of industries can benefit from testing on MISSE, including:

  • Advanced Manufacturing - UV material impact studies
  • Automotive - UV material impact studies; Paint studies
  • Aeronautics-Aircraft; Flight Hardware, coatings, solar cell
  • Energy - Solar Cell calibration; UV impact studies; component endurance
  • Space: Spacecraft - Flight Hardware; Astronaut Clothing and protection
  • Transportation - UV material Impact studies; heat studies.

Some of the benefits you gain by testing your products on MISSE include:

  • Greater return on investment than lab simulated environments
  • Affordable for all company sizes and individual consumers
  • Customized fit so you only purchase what you need
  • Accelerated test results compared to lab simulated environments